Updated Services for 2024

First, we would like to thank everyone for helping our business grow over the last 28 years. 

Due to the growth in demand for our Custom and Pathfinder rifles we are discontinuing most repair services for rifles we did not create.


We still offer complete repair services and support for all Hill Country Rifles, including Harvester, Huntsman, Pathfinder, and Full Custom rifles.

Below you will find our services for most bolt action rifles:

Services we still offer:

  • Deluxe Accurizing
  • Rebarrel: Steel or Carbon Fiber
  • Threading: For Muzzle Brake, Supressor, or Adapter
  • Sight-In Services

Discontinued Services:

  • General Accurizing
  • Stock and Accurizing
  • Recoil Pads and Length of Pull Changes
  • Diagnostics and general repair: This includes but not limited to Trigger jobs, stuck cases, poor feeding, misfires, broken bolts, and other malfunctions.

Check out our services page for more info: