I just wanted to give you and your whole team there at Hill Country Rifles kudos on a job well done. You built me a custom 308 win match several months ago and I couldn't be happier. My girlfriend recently shot her first deer with it and loves shooting the rifle. I soon after shot a mule deer in west Texas at 507 yards which is my furthest yet. The rifle consistently shoots .25 moa at 100 yards if I do my part. Anyways just wanted to let y'all know I couldn't be happier. Thanks again.
Davis Dewald
Just Another Testament
Hunted with the 35 whelen you built for me and it shoots amazingly well. Put 3 rounds of DT 200 gr ttsx inside a quarter at 100. Just another testament.
Jim Trimm
Absolute Tack Diver
The rifle that you made for me a couple of years ago, is an absolute tack driver, half inch MOA @ 200 yards, and has done very well in Africa. I would certainly not hesitate to have another built by you all. Continued success and growth in 2015.
Mark Silberstein
Shoots Beautifully
Please convey my thanks to the folks who worked on my rifle. It shoots beautifully and the trigger couldn't be better. They said that it will shoot .630" at 100 yards but it actually does better. I shot four three shot groups at an indoor 50 yard range and they averaged .25" at 50 yards or .50" at 100. Without the one I pulled a little it's .44". I couldn't be more pleased.
Herbert Klitzner
Confidence Gained
I've been a satisfied customer of Hill Country Rifles from their early beginnings. I have two custom rifles from them and many which have been Accurized thanks to their outstanding skills. I finally had the opportunity to hunt bighorn sheep in 2014 after waiting 17 years for the once in a lifetime tag. The ONLY rifle I would consider taking was a fine custom .300 Ultramag from Hill Country Rifles. It took four hard days of hunting and one clean 305 yard shot and a lifetime dream was fulfilled. I would like to say "thank you" to Hill Country Rifles for their craftsmanship, not to mention the confidence gained from shooting such an accurate firearm.
Terrell McCombs
Thoroughly Impressed
The 6.5Cm arrived yesterday. I am thoroughly impressed. It has the perfect balance, barrel weight and handling characteristics are marvelous. I think this is the perfect cross over for long range work and hunting. I mounted a 3.5 x 15 Zero Stop MOAR Night Force on it and will be shooting it tomorrow. I am sure the brake will allow me to see my downrange hits. The paint scheme is very pleasing and will really blend in where I hunt. Thanks to you and your crew for producing another great rifle.
Sonora Mule Deer
Scored 182 6/8 32 inches wide Got him with my HCR Field Stalker 300 Wby. Thanks for making such an awesome rifle. I'll get that 416 Rem Mag down to you soon
Brent Adcox
Exactly How I Hoped
I received my rifle and was able to shoot it over the weekend. I am impressed. The build came out exactly how I hoped it would. I appreciate you taking the time to help me decide what was best for what I needed. I was able to shoot a 1/2 inch group with my first three shots. Dialed the turrets to 300 and hit my steel plate 6 out of 6 times.
Ben Hailey
Matt, Unbelievable Accuracy!!!
95 yards off sand bags first handload Hornady 200 grain round nose IMR 4064. To say I'm thrilled is an understatement. The 270 you built me, same thing, You guys shot the test group, 3 in the same hole! Keep up the great riflesmithing!
Chet Luginbuhl
Feel And Firepower Are Amazing
I only needed 3 shots. 25 yards ON, 100 yards 1.5 inch high ON, 200 yards ON. The feel and firepower of this weapon are amazing. I have a lifetime of confidence with every shot thanks to HCR. It is almost an addiction to hold the rifle and shoot it. I showed it to anyone who would stand still today. My wife has seen it 3 times and really didn’t want to the first time. I am so impressed with the entire operation.THANK YOU for a great experience and a wonderful new elk rifle.
Danny Dean 
Guys On The Range Always Drool
I just thought I would show you that this rifle is still shooting as awesome as it did when I got it. Trust me, the guys on the range always drool when I take it out of the case! And for whats its worth, I have a load using Sierra's 160gr SBT that will shoot every bit as good. I can't wait to get the .338 Win Mag!
Monty Walker
Everyone Wanted To Take This Rifle For A Spin
Shot this bull using your Long Range Hunter in 300 WinMag. Bull measured 405", taken in northern Utah at 283 yards. Everyone at the camp wanted to take this rifle for a spin, I got lots of praises on how well crafted it is. Thanks for everything!
Scott Campbell 
I just wanted to write you all and let you know how the rifle is working for me. Flawlessly is about all I can say!! At the end of September I went to Newfoundland on a moose hunt and then a couple of weeks later, my son and I went to the Hells Canyon region of Idaho for an elk hunt. 2 things happened. I made the closest and farthest shots on game animals ever. First the bull moose was only 30 yards after a lengthy stalk. Then the elk at 454 yards.
Donald Nelson Jr.
Nailed It Dead Center
I just received my rifle that I purchased from your company. I just want to tell you how pleased I am with it. I set a target out at 300 yards and nailed it dead center thanks for such a magnificent rifle and thanks to Matt for talking me into buying it.
David Mills 
Tresa’s Idaho Mule Deer
My wife Tresa killed this nice Idaho mule deer this morning using my 7mm Field Stalker. 360 yard shot! Can't wait until she get hers in a few months.
Rick Kennedy
Vernon’s Deer
You guys build an exceptional rifle. I purchased this rifle around October 2016. Once a rifle leaves, you probably never knows what happens to them. This one has had a good ride! This deer was shot @ 260yds using 250 accubond, I believe 91gns of H1000, shooting sub MOA groups. Oh, The deer has 47 points and scored 257 B and C. I thought you would like it. Keep up the good work!
Vernon Harris
You guys are good. You took my factory rifle (Winchester - 264 Win Mag) which, on its (and my) best days and with my best, hard earned, hand loads would shoot, at best, a 1 1/2 inch group, and made it into a tack driver. It now shoots, with factory loads (much to my embarrassment), a .289 inch group!! That's fantastic. I thank you. The money I spent with you for this service was the best money I've spent in a long, long time. To repeat-You guys are good.
Zollie Steakley
Very Happy With My Arsenal
Just got home from Tim's. Had a great trip to FTW. Took all my HCR guns and at 100 all were 1/2 MOA or less - see pic of my 300 WIN. Also shot for first time at distance the 338 Lapua. It did great. The enclosed is a picture of the 1800 target, with 15 mph winds (5.5 MILs of wind = 30 feet of drift).
Jay Townsend 
Aoudad Hunt
Aoudad Sheep shot with my .300 Win Mag Harvester!
Peter Pace
Extremely Fun To Shoot
I wanted to drop you a quick not and let you know how happy I am with the 6.5-284 you guys built for me. It took a little work to get a good load worked up for it, but I've really got it shooting now. Holds 0.2-0.4 MOA all the way out to 1000 yds. Just this weekend I was shooting it at 940 yds and shot a 3 inch, 3 shot group. I figured it was a little lucky, so I tried again and shot a 3.5 inch 5 shot group with the next 5 shots. With my Thunderbeast suppressor on it there's practically no recoil, and I can watch the trace of the bullet all the way to the target. Pretty awesome accuracy from a 7 pound hunting rifle. Thanks for your recommendations on the build, and for all the help with the project.
Jamie Bolseth 
Check this out! 780 yards dropped in his tracks from a perfect heart shot. I've only shot one box of ammo plus one. Thank you for a great rifle!
Robert Craigo 
300 Win Mag
Hi Matt this is Mark Smith in Bakersfield. I have something to share with you, this is unbiased comments which makes it even better about your rifle build. This is the same guy that shot it a few months ago, he is a avid shooter that shoots many L/R custom rifles from his customers on his own personal range. This is what he had to say... I spent 2 hours with rifle, shots off shooting mat and front bags. 200 yds. Center cut, 500 yds.1.5" group 700yds. 3.5" group. (Unbelievably easy)1000yds. Hit junior silhouette 4 times with ease. Rifle is deadly accurate, as the barrel heats up, accuracy still remains unlike many rifles I have shot on the range. HCR has done a great job, I wish Mark would leave me with this rifle. You probably here this a lot, but wanted to share this with you.
Mark Smith 
HCR 280 AI NM Antelope
NM antelope I took at 261 yds, one shot off shooting sticks, right through the heart, didn't take a step. Thanks for building me another good one!
Richard Cobb
A816-300 Win Mag
Justus, Matt, Hill Country team: There's a big problem, I took the rifle out and put 20 rounds thru it... Guess what? You guys produce the best rifles period! 20 rounds from 100 to 550 yards at 10" steel plates not one! Miss (3 in a row at 550) awesome!!! I would be confident taking any shot at a Mulley or Bull 5 to 600 yards no problem. This is the 1st 300 I've had and muzzle break on a rifle, the recoil is unbelievably light and manageable so light I could actually see the target hits.Thanks again, I'll have to get rid of all my other rifles and get another one of these for my Son.
Robert Craigo
.358 Winchester
Matt, my wife's first time out with the rifle HCR built us, wow what a dynamite rifle, 250 grain Speer Grand Slam bullet, max charge of IMR 4064. Stoned this black bear! 
Chet Luginbuhl 
Love My Sheep Rifle
Hi Matt, just wanted to send a quick message to say how much I love my new HC Sheep rifle!!! Great looking gun...and shoots fantastic! I appreciate all your advice and professionalism!
David Spencer
243 Win
Matt, I received the 243 and wanted to tell you and the rest of the members of the HCR team that I could not possibly be more satisfied with the way it turned out. I have had dozens of rifles made over a 30 year period and this is one of the best I have ever received. The workmanship is best I have seen and I look forward to having many more HCR rifles in the future. Tell everyone how much I appreciate the fine work on the 243. Also I found my other HCR huggie I got from you at the Dallas Safari Club show several years ago and I will put it to use this Summer. I will send u the Borden magnum action for the 257 WBY, Talley lightweight mounts, and a Swarovski 3x12x50 scope next week. Have a great weekend and thanks again.
Robert Oliver 
270 Win
I shot this nice goat with your rifle in Idaho last year. Best weapon I have ever owned.
Dwight Merriman
Ryan’s Ram – HCR .280 AI
Hello Matt, just wanted to take a moment and thank you again for pulling out all the stops in fast-tracking the build of Ryan’s sheep new rifle and replacing his “baby” that was stolen out of his truck earlier this year. Ryan was successful and took this pretty ram on day nine NW of Whitehorse in the Yukon Territory. Ryan logged well over 300 miles on horse and climbed 11 mountains total. Throughout this extreme adventure, he was always extremely confident in not only the tack driving accuracy of his HCR 280 AI, but also the super rugged construction of this ultimate “Sheep” rifle.