Swarovski DS Gen II 5-25x52

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The Swarovski dS Gen II is at the leading edge of modern high-tech optics design.

The HCR team takes our optics selection very seriously. Every product we sell has been thoroughly tested, reviewed and approved by our veteran team of hunters and shooters. We have carefully curated a selection of the finest rifles and optics for a wide variety of shooters. When Swarovski announced the DS rangefinding rifle scope, we were excited, but cautious. We selected a proven rifle from our Ready To Ship rack, mounted the dS, and drove out to FTW ranch for some long range testing in real-world conditions.

The dS conquered our tests. Mounted to an HCR Long Range Hunter in 6.5 PRC, with all the ballistic data programmed into it, the dS immediately performed flawlessly. We started out at 400 yards and pushed incrementally out to 800 yards. The dS’s elevation and ranging was fast and dead on target. Each plate in the test could be observed, lased and engaged in a few seconds. The other aspects of the scope were comparable to a Z8i, with the excellent image quality and comfort you would expect from a Swarovski product. Notably, the heads-up display is bright and easily visible with very a comfortable eye relief range – something notoriously difficult to achieve with heads up displays. Check out our product field test video and review below.

No Compromises. The Swarovski dS delivers fast and accurate rangefinding and ballistic compensation combined with the bright and clear Swarovski glass you expect. There is simply no other product on the market that performs nearly as well.

The dS’s digital reticle displays just the critical information to you in a bright red brightness adjustable heads-up display. Range in yards or meters, the kinetic energy delivered to the target at that range, time of light, velocity of the bullet on target, your set current wind hold values and the correct hold point for those value.

The Next Generation of DS. With the Gen II update, Swarovski has further refined their DS platform, with the addition of additional features and refinements.

  • Fully customizable data display  impact energy, flight time, bullet velocity and selected wind speed.
  • Integrated rifle “Bubble level” integrated into display
  • User selectable target reticle including standard, circle dot, X and more
  • Improved Ergonomics including slimmer battery tower
  • 40mm central tube diameter
  • 15.87in Length
  • 38.4oz
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