Pathfinder Mountain Stalker

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1/2" MOA Accuracy: We shoot every rifle in our underground range to test and verify proper feeding, extraction, ejection and accuracy. You will receive the final targets and factory ammunition data with your rifle!

6.75 LBS
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Our Pathfinder rifle series combines our 28 years of rifle building expertise with the latest technology in action, barrel, and stock design. The new Manners PH stock features an integral, snag-free ARCA and Bipod rail design, in a strong, lightweight, carbon fiber construction with a perfectly machined mini-chassis system. And you will not believe how cool our Lucent Camo finish looks combined with the carbon fiber stock.

The Zermatt Origin action offers a smooth bolt through, perfect feeding of live rounds and reliable ejection of fired cases every time. Proof Research has proven to be the pinnacle of Carbon Fiber Barrel accuracy.

As with every Hill Country Rifle, accuracy is tested and verified with factory ammunition and you'll receive the 100 yard target your rifle achieved with a real human shooting off of a front and rear bag rest.

Mountain Stalker

  • Zermatt Origin Action in Black Nitride finish
  • Proof Research Carbon Fiber Barrel, Graphite Black, threaded 5/8X24 with TPC
  • Manners MCS-PH stock with integral ARCA rail and seamless Bipod rail and Mini-Chassis
  • Stock Color: Lucent-Green Camo
  • Hawkins M5 Hunter Flush DBM
  • Trigger Tech Trigger set 2.5 pounds
  • 20 MOA Picatinny rail
  • Full function and accuracy testing, final target included with rifle

Upgraded Option: Self-timing prone position muzzle brake

Available Calibers/Barrel Lengths:

  • 6mm Creedmoor, 22”
  • 6.5 Creedmoor, 22”
  • 7mm PRC, 22”
  • 300 Win. Mag, 24”
  • 300 PRC, 24”
  • 308, 20”

Mount Scope and Sight-In is Complimentary with the purchase of an Optic!

Rifle Weight: approximatley 6.75 Ibs Unscoped. Scope weight is added to total weight when an Optic selection is made.

Shipping: Plano Rifle Case and Insurance are included in the shipping cost calculated at checkout. All Rifle purchases will be shipped to the FFL Dealer of your choice made at checkout.

Swarovski Z5:
Talley 1” Low MSR $90- (included in scope price)
Swarovski Z8i:
NF UL 30mm Low $190- (included in scope price)
Nightforce NX8:
NF UL 30mm Medium $190- (included in scope price)