HCR Huntman Series

Hill Country Custom Quality Meets Tikka T3 Value

Our Huntsman Rifle offers the most customizable and accurate hunting rifle we can build on a factory Tikka T3 Action!


Every Rifle is Built, Tuned And Tested to Hill Country Rifles Standards.
Utilizing the same production techniques as our Full Custom line, except built on the more integrated Tikka T3 platform instead of the highly modular Remington 700 platform, the Hill Country Custom Tikka gives you customization where you need it and value where you don’t. While not as expansive as our Full Custom line in raw options, We can build your Custom Tikka T3 in a more wide range of calibers than is offered by the factory.


The Tikka T3 gives us a lightweight platform with a detachable box magazine and a short, quick 60-degree bolt throw with Sako extractor and adjustable trigger. We have been impressed with the tolerances and machining quality of these actions.


All Huntsman Rifles start with a complete breakdown and inspection of a factory Tikka T3 Light Rifle. After it passes inspection, we discard all parts but the action, bolt and fire control group. You can choose from a match grade, stainless steel barrel or a Proof Research pre-fit Carbon Fiber match grade barrel.  


Next, our incredible gunsmiths will individually, aluminum pillar and glass bed the action into the new McMillan fiberglass stock that you choose, with 1” Pachmayr Decelerator recoil pad and sling studs. Then we apply our rust-proof Cerakote finish to the metal along with a tough, marine-grade paint to the stock in one of our custom Web or Mirage patterns,  to give you a fantastic custom look in an extremely accurate, reliable, lightweight custom hunting rifle at a great price.


As always, we do the barrel break-in, accuracy testing, and find the factory hunting load your rifle likes best.  Scope mounting and sight in is always included.  You can provide a scope or select a new Swarovski, Kahles or Nightforce scope from our inventory. 

    • Tikka T3 Action with 60-degree bolt lift and detachable box magazine
    • Aluminum bottom metal to replace factory polymer bottom metal
    • Match grade stainless steel barrel
    • Trigger Tuned to 2.75-3.0 pounds or as requested
    • McMillan Sako Hunter Stock in custom web or mirage stock paint
    • Full accurizing with aluminum pillar and glass bedding
    • Tough, rust-proof Cerakote metal finish
    • Barrel break-in
    • Scope mounting and sight in with 3-shot, ½” group accuracy guarantee with recommended factory ammunition, Targets provided.

    • Proof Research Carbon Fiber Barrel: $500
    • HCR radial or Miller prone position muzzle brake available for $399
    • Thread barrel for suppressor or adapter: $250
    • Thread Protector Cap: $50
    • Custom Yardage Turret (For Swarovski BT Scopes only): $199
    • Bi-Pod Rail: $90
    • Arc Rail: $125.99
    • Spartan Flush Cup Adapter: $130
    • Laser Engrave Bolt Body: Damascus, Hexagon, or Zebra stripe pattern:$149
    • Aluminum 20 MOA Picatinny rail: $90

    Optic is not included in starting price. We are happy to supply, mount, and zero any of our Swarovski, Kahles, or Nightforce scopes at your request. Chronograph services are also available.

Starting at $3,999

*Scope is not included in price*