Hill Country Rifle Guarantees & Warranties

Thank you for choosing Hill Country Rifles!  


We want to make sure our accuracy guarantees and product warranties are simple and clear. We strive for perfection in all of our work. The primary reason we shoot every rifle in our 100 yard underground test range is to verify that the rifle feeds and ejects perfectly. We test safety and trigger function on every rifle. And we shoot every rifle multiple times to ensure they meet our accuracy guarantees. There is very little that is likely to change in a properly bedded rifle, in a synthetic stock, with a free-floating barrel.  If the rifle shot well for us, it should shoot well for you, plain and simple.


Accuracy guarantees are made using recommended factory ammunition. While more than one factory load may meet or exceed our accuracy guarantee, we ask that you use the same ammunition that we used in your rifle for the purpose of the guarantee.  Rifles are fired from a front and rear bag rest from a secure bench at a range of 100 yards. Our research has shown that some rifles do not shoot as well from a sled as from a regular front and rear bag set up. Thus, we do not guarantee accuracy when the rifle is shot from a sled or any form of gun vise. Rifles are intended to slide toward the shooter under recoil.  Sleds do not allow for this and sometimes cause vertical stringing in groups due to exaggerated muzzle rise.


Warranty:  All HCR warranties are transferable. HCR will guarantee the accuracy result of our work as long as the barrel is in good condition and the firearm is well maintained and in good working order. Any work done to the rifle outside of HCR may void your warranty. Our guarantee does not cover scope failures. Scope failure is the most common cause of accuracy loss. If the rifle is disassembled by the owner or a third party, and is not reassembled correctly, we will not honor our warranty until the rifle is correctly assembled at owner’s expense. This includes loose action screws, loose scope base or ring screws, improper magazine box alignment or any other issue that occurs that is not caused by HCR.


Warranty responsibilities:  Owner is responsible for return shipping and insurance. HCR will ship back to the customer at no charge so long as the problem is covered by warranty. Owner is responsible for using proper cleaning procedures and correct use of solvents. If the problem is the result of poor maintenance, scope failure, loose screws, incorrect assembly by the customer, or failure to use recommended ammunition, all shipping and work will be performed at owner’s expense.  In simple terms, if our work is not right we will fix it and cover all repair and ground shipping costs needed to make it right.


We have a short troubleshooting list to help you diagnose problems that are not covered under warranty.  Please check these prior to sending your rifle in for a warranty claim.