HCR Troubleshooting List

Once a rifle is aluminum pillar and glass bedded, there are very few things that can change that affect accuracy.

Before pursuing a warranty claim on the rifle, please check the following:


Even if your scope is new and from a high-quality manufacturer, please check it by doing one of the following.

  • Mount a different scope of known accuracy on your rifle and test the rifle.
  • Mount the scope on a rifle of known accuracy and test the scope.

Bases & Rings

  • Especially if we did not mount your scope, check to make sure all screws are set to recommended torque settings.
  • A very common problem is that the very front scope base screw (nearest to the barrel) is often too long. While it feels tight, it actually bottoms out on the barrel threads giving a false tight. We always trim this screw to prevent this.  If you or another party mounted the scope, check this screw length to make sure it is not too long.


  • Make sure you are shooting the ammunition we shot to proof the rifle.

Shooting Set Up

  • Shoot from a good front and rear bag rest, not a sled. Make sure the front sling stud is not contacting the front rest. Remove your sling from the rifle.

Action Screws

  • Make sure action screws are tight. While we do not insist on specific torque settings, if you use a torque wrench, 50 to 55 inch pounds is sufficient.

As always, make sure your barrel and chamber are clean and dry.