Bedding Matters

Bedding Matters

Posted by Matt on May 13th 2020

We have been building custom hunting and tactical rifles for just over 23 years.

I often get asked, “What makes your rifles different from everyone else”?

Several years ago, most prominent rifle builders individually bedded the action and free-floated the barrel on their rifles.The techniques varied slightly, but the recognition that only a perfectly bedded rifle would shoot to its potential was a given. We all understood that the quality of the bedding work was just as important as the quality of the barrel we used.

Back then, I would talk about our attention to detail, our accuracy guarantee, our superb level of customer service, and the fact that we shoot every rifle for group at 100 yards before it leaves the building to make sure it is accurate.All that is still true.

Today, fewer and fewer rifle builders properly bed the action of their rifles.They either skim bed the recoil lug against an aluminum block, or use a chassis stock with no bedding at all.

There is nothing wrong with a chassis or skim bedded action so long as these techniques are not misrepresented as “Bedding” in the custom rifle sense.A perfectly bedded action will almost always outperform a chassis or skim bedded rifle and the properly bedded rifle will be less finicky about what ammo it shoots well.

Perfect aluminum pillar and glass bedding of receive and bottom metal makes the rifle hold zero better through temperature changes, accidental drops, vibration that occurs on ATV’s and the rough handling that can occur with air travel.

You will know what you have, or don’t have, the minute you take your stock off and look at the inside.

Because we individually glass and pillar bed each receiver, and then also bed the bottom metal for perfect alignment to the receiver, we guarantee a ½”, 3-shot group at 100 yards in most of our rifles and an amazing .375″ group in 6.5 Creedmoor, 6.55X47 Lapua,, 6mm Creedmoor, and 338 Lapua caliber. We do all of this with FACTORY ammo! You do not need to buy special loads from us, or handload to achieve this level of performance.

Precise aluminum pillar and glass bedding is becoming a lost art. We are proud to have people heading up our bedding department that have been doing this for over 35 years!

We also shoot every rifle we build in our underground 100 yards range to make certain it consistently meets our guarantees!