Deluxe Accurizing

Combine our world famous accurizing service, with the best match grade barrels

available for the ultimate rifle accuracy. 

Deluxe Accurizing Includes: 

- Aluminum Pillar and Glass bed receiver and bottom metal.

- Complete action job to square and true your action.*

- Match Grade stainless steel or Carbon Fiber barrel in the caliber, contour, length, and twist rate you need.

- Recessed Target Crown.

- Tough, rust-proof Cerakote finish on all metal in color of choice.

- Tune factory trigger to as light as 3.0 pounds with no creep. Aftermarket triggers can be tuned lighter if desired. 

- Check scope mounts for level, lap scope rings for perfect, concentric fit around scope tube.

- Barrel break in, Mount scope and sight-in.

- 3/4”, three-shot group accuracy guarantee at 100 yards with recommended factory ammunition! 

Want to change caliber?

Since we are replacing your barrel we can also change to a new caliber.

Magnums must stay magnums and non-magnums must stay non-magnums. We can help you with this!

Prefer a Carbon Fiber Barrel?  

Proof Research and Benchmark Carbon Fiber barrels also available!

Want to fully customize your rifle?

Add a McMillan Stock! Just pick the style and color you want. We can help you with this!

 • Different actions allow for different levels of squaring and truing
 • Factory barrels will no longer fit Remington actions after this service as threads are recut to larger OD for truing purposes.

 *Not Available for Browning, Savage, Mauser, Husqvarna, Sauer, and some other actions.

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