Long Range Tactical in 300 PRC #M1782

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9.70 LBS

Our Long Range Tactical rifle is all about repeatable accuracy from the prone position.  We offer our LRT rifle in 6.5X47 Lapua, 6.5 Creedmoor, and 338 Lapua, with an outstanding 3/8 MOA accuracy guarantee with recommended factory ammo.  We also chamber the 300 PRC and 300 Winchester Magnum with a ½ MOA factory ammo guarantee.  These rifles utilize the Defiance Machine Deviant Tactical action with 20 or 30 MOA integral picatinny rail.  Each action is individually aluminum pillar and glass bedded into a McMillan A3/5, A6 or A5 stock, with adjustable comb, side mount flush cups, and 4” bipod accessory rail.  These rifles range in weight from 11 to 14 pounds depending on caliber and configuration. As always, we will perform barrel break in, accuracy testing, and targets will be included with your rifle.  We are a stocking dealer for Nightforce, Kahles, and Schmidt Bender tactical scopes and are happy provide, mount, and zero the optic that best meets your needs.

Action: Defiance Deviant with Fluted 1-piece bolt

Barrel: Proof Research Carbon Fiber Barrel 26” #Sendero Light Contour 1:9 Twist 5R with recessed target crown

Muzzle Device: Miller Muzzle brake 5/8-24 Threads

Trigger: TriggerTech at 2.0 lbs

Stock: McMillan A3/5 Adjustable Comb in Custom GAP Ambush Mirage, 1″ Decelerator Pad, Bi-Pod Rail, 2 Side Mount Flush Cups

Accurizing: HCR Custom Aluminum Pillar and Glass Bedding System

Metal Finish: Black Cerakote

Weight: 9.7 Unscoped 

Accuracy Guarantee: 3-shot, ½” group with factory ammo at 100 yards

Mounts: 20 MOA Integral rail

Group Size: .326” with Hornady 225gr ELD-Match Ammo

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