New Ready To Ship full custom 7 PRC's Just listed!

Custom Long Range Tactical

Our Long Range Tactical rifle is perfectly designed to engage long range recreational targets from 1000 yards to beyond one mile depending on caliber. We offer our LRT rifle in 6.5X47 Lapua, 6.5 Creedmoor, and 338 Lapua with an outstanding 3/8 MOA accuracy guarantee with recommended factory ammo. We also chamber the 300 PRC, 7mm PRC and 300 Win Mag with a ½ MOA factory ammo guarantee.


These rifles utilize the Defiance Machine Deviant Tactical action with 20 or 30 MOA integral picatinny rail. Each action is individually aluminum pillar and glass bedded into a McMillan A3/5, A6 or A5 stock, with adjustable comb, side mount flush cups, and 4” bipod accessory rail. These rifles range in weight from 11 to 14 pounds depending on caliber and configuration. As always, we will perform barrel break in, accuracy testing, and targets will be included with your rifle. We are a stocking dealer for Nightforce and Kahles tactical scopes and are happy provide, mount, and zero the optic that best meets your needs.

Available in both Right Hand and Left Hand configurations.

  • Defiance Machine Deviant Tactical action with tactical bolt knob
  • Solid, one peice bolt body with flutes
  • McMillan A3/5 or A5 stock with adjustable comb and 2 Sling-Studs in color of your choice
  • Match grade, stainless steel barrel
  • TriggerTech Special Trigger
  • M5 Trigger Guard and 5 round Detachable Box Magazine (Surgeon DBM for Short Actions)
  • Full HCR Accurizing with aluminum pillar and glass bedded action
  • Integral Picatinny rail available in 20 or 30 MOA cant
  • Tough, rust-proof Cerakote finish on all metal in color of your choice
  • Barrel break-in
  • Scope mounting and sight in with 3-shot group with recommended factory ammunition, Targets provided.

    • Add Proof Research Carbon Fiber barrel for $500
    • Fluting of steel barrels: $299, flute will be indexed top dead center.
    • Thread Protector Cap: $50
    • Trigger Tech Diamond Trigger: $75
    • Side Mount Flush Cups installed for sling attachment: $70
    • Custom Yardage Turret (For Swarovski BT Scopes only): $199
    • Bipod attachment rail installed on forearm: $90

    Optic is not included in starting price. We are happy to supply, mount, and zero any of our Swarovski, Kahles, or Nightforce scopes at your request. Chronograph services are also available.

Starting at $7,299

*Scope is not included in price*