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Custom Genesis Platinum

Our Genesis Platinum combines the modern design of our stainless steel action, fluted bolt, and match grade stainless steel barrel with the timeless beauty and craftsmanship of our Exhibition Grade English or Turkish Walnut stock with Ebony Forend Tip. To achieve a more traditional look, we apply a deep, rich, semi-gloss Black Cerakote finish. 


Our in-house stock maker will meticulousy inlet, shape, sand, and finish your stock by hand.  The stock is finished in a deep penetrating, hand rubbed oil.  The stock is hand checkered with two-panel grip and forearm.


Every stock is aluminum pillar and glass bedded to exactly fit the action and maximize the rifle’s accuracy.  Our bedding system, combined with stainless steel components and our Cerakote finish make this the most weather resistant wood stocked rifle you can own.


If you are looking for a wood stocked rifle that is built to take real hunting conditions, our Genesis Platinum is the perfect choice.


The Genesis Platinum is available right hand only, in the following calibers:  25-06, 257 Wby., 6.5X284 Norma, 270 Win., 270 Wby., 280 Rem., 280 Ackley Improved, 7mm Remington Mag., 7mm STW, 30-06, 300 Win. Mag., and 338 Win. Mag.


    • Defiance Machine Rebel Action with Sheep Hunter port
    • Solid, one-piece bolt body with flutes
    • M-16 Style Mini-Claw Extractor
    • Match grade stainless steel barrel with Genesis Contour
    • Expertly tuned Trigger Tech Special Trigger
    • Turkish or English Walnut, Ebony fore-end tip, 2 English Ball Sling Studs
    • 1" Pachmayr Decelorator Recoil Pad
    • Full accurizing with aluminum pillar and glass bedding
    • Tough, rust-proof Cerakote metal finish in Black Semi-Gloss
    • Barrel break-in
    • Scope mounting and sight in with 3-shot, ½” group accuracy guarantee with recommended factory ammunition, Targets provided.

    • HCR radial muzzle brake: $399
    • Thread barrel for suppressor or adapter: $250
    • Thread Protector Cap: $50
    • Trigger Tech Diamond Trigger: $75
    • Custom Yardage Turret (For Swarovski BT Scopes only): $199

    Optic is not included in starting price. We are happy to supply, mount, and zero any of our Swarovski, Kahles, or Nightforce scopes at your request. Chronograph services are also available.

Starting at $9,999

*Scope is not included in price*