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Custom Dangerous Game

Reliable feeding, firing and ejection are the most important features of any dangerous game rifle. This makes the action the most important component of a trustworthy DGR.  Thankfully, ParkWest has brought the Model 76 action back to life.  No other action combines modern machining technology with proven design like the  Model 76.  The model 70-style three-position safety allows for a safe position with the bolt locked as well as a middle position that permits feeding while on safety. It is, of course, a control feed action in every sense of the word, delivering absolutely reliable feeding, extraction, and ejection in every situation.


Extreme accuracy and consistent point of impact are also important. We combine this action with the best match grade barrels and the Accurizing techniques we are famous for. Every rifle is aluminum pillar and glass bedded into a McMillan Supergrade stock with dense, strong, magnum fill to handle a lifetime of use.  We perform extensive testing of feeding, function, and accuracy. Every rifle is guaranteed to shoot three-shot, sub-inch groups at 100 yards with factory ammunition appropriate for the game you will hunt.


Open sights are optional on our DGR. We use and professionally install a NECG barrel band front sight, express rear sight, and Talley barrel band sling stud. The sights are custom fitted to each rifle and fully regulated and tested for a 50 yard point of impact. Open sights are $900.

A Talley barrel band sling stud can be added for $250.

For added durability and weather resistance, all metal surfaces, excluding the bore, are coated in a tough, rust proof, Cerakote finish.


This package combines our highest quality craftsmanship with the best components in the world and results in an absolutely reliable, durable, and extremely accurate Dangerous Game Rifle.

Available in 375 H&H, 416 Rem. Mag., and 458 Win. Mag. only.

    • Parkwest 76 Control-Round Feed Action
    • 8x40 Heavy Duty Base Screws
    • Stainless Steel Match grade barrel with recessed target crown
    • Parkwest Trigger, Model 70-style three-position safety
    • McMillan Supergrade stock with dense, strong, magnum fill, in color of your choice
    • Full accurizing with aluminum pillar and glass bedding
    • Tough, rust-proof Cerakote metal finish in color of your choice
    • Barrel break-in
    • Scope mounting and sight in with 3-shot, ½” group accuracy guarantee with recommended factory ammunition, Targets provided.

    Available in 375 H&H, 416 Rem. Mag., and 458 Win. Mag. only.

    • NECG express rear and banded front sight: $900
    • Barrel Band Sling Stud: $250
    • HCR radial muzzle brake: $399
    • Thread barrel for suppressor or adapter: $250
    • Thread Protector Cap: $50
    • Custom Yardage Turret (For Swarovski BT Scopes only): $199
    • Spartan Flush Cup Adapter: $130

    Optic is not included in starting price. We are happy to supply, mount, and zero any of our Swarovski, Kahles, or Nightforce scopes at your request. Chronograph services are also available.

Starting at $7,599

*Scope is not included in price*