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Rifle Repair Services

We Service Center-Fire Bolt Action Rifles Only.

McMillan Stock & Accurizing

Our McMillan Stock and Accurizing includes a new McMillan stock appropriate for your action and barrel dimensions, complete Accurizing with our Aluminum Pillar and Glass bedding, free floating barrel, trigger work, recrown of barrel, proper mounting of your scope, accuracy testing and final sight in.

Due to the wide variance in factory barrel quality, there is no accuracy guarantee with this service. We will inspect your barrel and inform you of any obvious flaws prior to work starting.


This service is available for the actions listed below. 

      McMillan Stock & Accurizing: Starting at $1,650
    • Rem 700 and 700 clones: see McMillan website for offerings
    • Tikka T3: Mountaineer, Sako Hunter, Game Hunter, Game Warden, Game Warden 2.0, HTG, Game Scout, and Hunters Edge
    • Winchester 70: (no pre-64 or WSSM’s) Hunters Edge, Supergrade and Gamewarden (Right Hand Only)
    • Bergara B14: Mountaineer and Game Warden 2.0
    • Browning X-Bolt: Game Scout X-bolt
    • Weatherby Mark V: Wby Mark V, Game Hunter, Game Warden only (Right Hand only)
    • Weatherby Vanguard: Sako Hunter, HTG, Hunters Edge
    • Sako AV: Sako Hunter, HTG, Hunters Edge (not available for other Sako models)

    • Lightweight EDGE technology (reduces stock weight by 6 to 8 ounces): $100
    • Adjustable Cheek Comb (not available on all stocks): $175
    • HCR Custom Web or Mirage Paint: $199
    • McMillan molded-in finishes: $125
    • Bipod Rail: $90
    • Flush Cup mounts: $30 (must be ordered at time of original order)

Sight- In Services:

Need your rifle ready for a hunt? With our 100 yard underground range we can have your rifle sighted in and ready to go! 

Sight-In Targets are included when you recieve your rifle. Factory ammunition only. We can supply ammunition if needed!

  • Sight-In: $150
  • Mount Scope & Bore Sight: $150
  • Mount Scope & Sight-In: $200
  • Deap Clean, Ispection & Sight-In: $350

Trigger Upgrades:

Trigger Installations are available for Rem 700 style actions only.

  • Trigger Tech Special (1.5-3.0 Ibs): $299
  • Trigger Tech Diamond (1.0-2.5 Ibs): $399

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