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*Due to limited space, all rifles must be picked up or shipped within 30 days of invoice date. Rifles left over 30 days after invoice date are subject to a $5.00 per day storage fee.

For jobs not listed, hourly rate of $80.00 applies. Prices subject to change without notice.

Hill Country Rifle Co., has over 60 years combined gunsmithing experience and promises all work to be of the highest quality and craftsmanship. HCR strives to complete all work in a timely manner but will not rush at the expense of quality. HCR is a well-equipped, well-staffed shop, with some of the best delivery times in the industry.

Average delivery times for popular services:

  • Complete Rebarrel and Pillar Bed Action: 6 Months
  • Complete Accurizing of Bolt-Action Rifle: 4 months 
  • Muzzle Brake Installation: 4 Weeks
  • Cerakote Complete Rifle: 4 Weeks (6 weeks during busy season, August-January)
  • Tune Trigger: 2 Weeks (3 weeks during busy season, August-January)
  • Sight In Rifle: 4 Weeks (3 weeks during busy season, August-January)
  • McMillan Stock and Accurizing: 6 to 8 Months


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Price List

Barrel Work Price
All barrel jobs include complete squaring and truing of your action. sssOn Remington 700 actions we will also true the receiver threads. Once this is done, a factory threaded barrel will no longer fit the receiver. Please let us know if you do not want this done.
Match Grade barrel and Installation $950
Extractor Cut for Winchester, Dakota, and Kimber receivers $75
Flute Barrel (Six Flutes) $295
Deluxe Accurizing Price
Visit the Deluxe Accurizing Page for more details
Combines our full Accurizing service with our best match grade barrels $1595
Accurizing Work Price
Visit the Accurizing Page for more details
Accurizing for Most Calibers $695

McMillan Stock and Accurizing for Most Calibers:
Your choice of McMillan Hunting Stock, Color, Length of Pull, Pachmayr Decelerator Recoil Pad, and Sling Studs



Rifle Work Price
HCR or Vais Muzzle Brake Installed $295
Thread Protector Cap $80
Jewell Trigger Provided and Installed $325
Timney Trigger Provided and Installed $225
Pachmayr Decelerator Recoil Pad $175
Clean and Adjust Factory Trigger (3.0 Pound Minimum) $90
Cut & Recrown Barrel $195
Thread Barrel for Muzzle Brake or Suppressor $195
Deep Cleaning, Inspection & Sight In $295
Mount Scope, Lap Rings, and Sight In (Includes 3-shot group) $150
Mount Scope, Lap Rings and Bore Sight $80
Sight In Customer Rifle (Scope already Mounted - Includes 3-shot group)


Metal Finish Options Price
Cerakote Rust Proof Finish (Up to 25 parts, most rifles with scope mounts)
Color Options: Black, O.D. Green, Sniper Gray, Desert Tan All metal parts coated, including bases and rings, firing pin, spring, Excludes bore and trigger parts.
Cerakote Rust Proof Finish (26 to 35 parts, most rifles with open sights and scope mounts) $375
Cerakote Rust Proof Finish (36 to 45 parts, some rifles with open sights and QD scope mounts) $400
Matte Blue Complete Barreled Action, Bases, and Rings $295
Hill Country Custom Rifles: Price Includes Action and Federal Excise Tax Price
Sheep Rifle $4,995
Field Stalker $4,495
Long Range Hunter $4,995
338 Lapua Hunter $5,995
Dangerous Game Rifle $6,995
Tactical Course Rifle $5,295
Tactical 338 Lapua $5,995
Genesis and Genesis Classic $6,995
Hill Country Custom 700 Rifles Price
Custom 700 Sheep Rifle $3,995
Custom 700 Stalker Rifle $3,995
Custom 700 Long Range Hunter $3,995
Available Upgrades:
– Cerakote finish $350
– Muzzle Brake $295
– Timney Trigger $225
– Jewell Trigger $100
– Edge Technology in Stock $100
– Timney Calvin Elite Trigger $50
Harvester Tactical Rifle (available in 308 Win. only) $2,695
Available Upgrades:
– Tactical Bolt Knob $175
– Integral Adjustable Comb $175
– Prone Position Muzzle Brake $350
– Harris S-Series Bipod $130
– Timney Trigger $225
– Jewell Trigger $325
– Badger Ordnance or Surgeon DBM with 5 round AI Magazine $395