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4 Hits at 4549 YARDS, also known as 2.58 miles!

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On October 29th we set up to attempt our longest shot to date using our Extreme Long Range Tactical rifle in 375 Cheytac.  This time HCR President, Dave Fuqua, put his reloading skills to the test and came up with a fantastic load that produced 3049 fps with only 3.6 fps standard deviation.  Consistent muzzle velocity is extremely important in these shots and Dave came through big time! 

We did the shot at Tim Fallon's FTW Ranch in Barksdale, Texas with our good friend, Jim Spinella.  Expert wind and elevation calls by FTW's Doug Prichard, Walt Hasser, and our own Justus Ballard combined to give Jim the what he needed to execute the shot.  We got two hits Friday evening and two more hits Saturday morning.  We also got a bunch of near misses that look and sound great on video.  Our target was a 8'X8' white board with a 45" red bullseye in the middle.  We did not hit the red bull but we sure got close.

To say we had a great time would be an understatement.  This is all about having fun with friends and seeing what we can ring out of an extreme rifle set up with the latest and greatest in barrels, scopes, and bullets.  Our Extreme LR Tactical 375 CT did as we expected.  Bartlein was kind enough to get a 1:8 twist barrel to us in record time and the Warner Tool 361 grain projectiles performed incredibly well.  Our Nightforce ATACR worked flawlessly in Spuhr 44.4 MOA mounts on a 200 MOA rail.  We needed every bit of the turret plus a few on the reticle!  We will post more data when we compile all of it from the shoot. We will also post the You Tube video as soon as it is ready.

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