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4500 Yard Shot Attempt Scheduled for 10-29-16

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Our long range shooting continues at FTW ranch at the end of this month (weather permitting).  FTW has completed the pad for our 4500 yard shot attempt.

Once again our long-time friend and customer, Jim Spinella will be the shooter and the excellent instructors at FTW will call our winds and adjustments.

We will be shooting the new Warner Tool Flat Line 361 grain projectiles in a new 375 Cheytac build.  We also plan to test the performance differences between a 1:10 and 1:8 twist barrel well into the subsonic range.  Our goal with this is to collect real data on how twist rate affects the stability and accuracy of these bullets in the subsonic range and how they perform as they transition from supersonic to subsonic.

We will post all the data and results we collect as soon as we have it and will also post video of the shooter and targets.

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