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338 Lapua Hunter Nilgai Hunt

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We had a great group on our 2017 Nilgai hunt with Wildlife Systems this year.  We stayed in a great house in Port Mansfield Texas and hunted the brush, open grass lands, and high sand dunes of the East ranch.  Three of our group hunted with our 338 Lapua Hunter shooting 300 grain Nosler Accubond bullets at just over 2800 fps.  At 9 pounds, the Lapua Hunter is a great set up for Nilgai and Elk, or any other big animal that often proves difficult to get close to.  Nilgai are big, tough members of the Antelope species and are famous for their eyesight and their ability to soak up lead (or copper for that matter).  The sparse Oak motts and high sand dunes of the East ranch make it great spot and stalk country.  You can glass for over 1000 yards from the tops of the dunes and then plan the long stalk, using the motts as cover until your bull is within range.  Our Lapua Hunters performed flawlessly.  I ran a Swarovski Z8i 2-16X50 with ballistic turret and Walt had his X5i 3.5-18X50.  We each planted our bulls where they stood!.  The 300 grain Accubonds gave great penetration and expansion.  We could not have asked for a better hunt or a better group of guys to hunt with.

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