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Harvester Rifles

All custom rifle prices include the action and federal excise tax. Scopes are available at additional cost.

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338 Lapua Hunter


hcr custom rifles

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This is the ultimate long range hunting rifle.  We have combined the unmatched accuracy of the 338 Lapua with the Precision Stock Works Rifleman stock and a hunting weight match grade barrel.  This rifle weighs 9 to 9.5 pounds.  It is built on a Defiance Machine action with one piece fluted bolt, M-16 style extractor, Jewell trigger, and a #5 or #6 contour, 27" barrel with perfectly fit prone position muzzle brake.  Recoil is similar to a 308 Win!  The rifle is fully Accurized into a PSW Rifleman stock with 1" Pachmayr Decelerator recoil pad.  Perfect feeding is ensured by Badger Ordnance bottom metal and Accuracy International 5-round CIP detachable magazine.  This rifle is wonderful to shoot from any position including prone. You will have all the energy you need for any ethical long range hunting shot and you have plenty of rifle and accuracy for plates out to 2000 yards!  Fun to play with and to hunt with.  We guarantee 3-shot 3/8 MOA groups at 100 yards with recommended factory ammunition.  As always, we will do all barrek break in, shooting and testing so you won't have to.  For more information on the Rifleman stock go to www.riflemanstock.com.


Scope, mounts and bipod sold separately, fluting optional

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HCR Custom 700


hcr custom rifles

We started our company in 1996 building highly accurate custom rifles on the Remington 700 action.  We still do this today.  The action is blueprinted using a Manson Tool that squares the face of the receiver, faces the lug seats inside the receiver, and recuts the receiver threads to a larger OD in order to true them.  We fit the action with one of our favorite match grade barrels in the caliber and configuration you want.  You can order any of our custom rifle models, such as the Sheep Rifle, Field Stalker, Long Range Hunter, or Compact Sporter on a Remington action for $1000 less than the same model using the Stiller Predator action.  A stainless steel finish is standard and the Timney or Trigger Tech trigger is included.  Or a Jewell trigger may be added for $100.  You can add options such as Cerakote, fluted barrel, and muzzle brakes at additional cost.

The Accuracy Guarantee is the same 3-shot, 1/2" group at 100 yards with recommended factory ammunition and we etch our company name into the barrel so all will know it is a Hill Country Rifle.

Field Stalker


hcr custom rifles

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Our Field Stalker is designed for a wide rang of hunting conditions. At 7.25 to 7.75 pounds, this rifle is great for a walking rifle or a stand rifle. We like this set up for calibers ranging from 7mm-08 Rem. to 338 Winchester Magnum. It is perfect for deer, elk, or plains game. The rifle pictured is a 7mm Remington Magnum built on a custom Stiller Predator action with Timney trigger, Hart stainless steel, #5 contour, 24 inch barrel and is fully Accurized, with aluminum pillar and glass bedded action,  into a McMillan Remington Classic stock with custom paint.  Actual stock design and color is your choice.  The McMillan Remington Sporter and M40-A1 make excellent choices as well.

Our accuracy is not only guaranteed, it is verified. Every aspect of your rifles performance will be tested and proven. We will shoot the rifle from a bag rest to test and verify proper feeding, extraction, ejection and accuracy. You will receive the final targets and ammunition data.


Scope and mounts sold separately.

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