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Custom Rifles

All custom rifle prices include the action and federal excise tax. Scopes are available at additional cost.

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HCR Custom 22 LR


hcr custom rifles

Our Tactical 22 LR is an absolute blast to shoot.  Our rifle dimensions mimic our 6.5 Creedmoor and 308 builds making it a great practice rifle for shooters of all ages.  You can shoot 100's of rounds without cleaning.  You can shoot long strings without overheating your barrel.  And, while the rifle is not cheap, the inexpensive ammo will make up for it in the long run.  A sub-1/2 MOA 22 is hard to beat for volume shooting.  We have great success on 6" targets at 300 yards with this rifle and have produced good hit rates out to 500 yards!  Wind calls are definitely a fun challenge at these distances.

Our custom 22 LR is based on the Stiller 2500 XR rimfire action with one of the best rimfire barrels ever produced, a Benchark, hand lapped, 22 RF match grade barrel in a variety of contours and finish lengths.  A Trigger Tech trigger is standard equipment, typically set at a crisp 2.0 pounds.  This rifle is available in either our Rifleman stock or a McMillan A3/5 with adjustable comb.  We customize these stocks to accept the 10 round detachable magazine.  A 10 or 20 MOA picatinny rail is included.  We coat all of our 22's in our Cerakote finish in the color you select.  Each rifle is fully Accurized with our aluminum pillar and glass bedding.  We perform all barrel break in and test function and accuracy.  Every one of our 22's is guaranteed to shoot 1/2 MOA groups at 100 yards with recommended factory ammunition.

The rifle pictured is shown with a fluted barrel ($295) and our custom 3-tone Tan Cerakote stock finish ($350).  Scope and mounts sold separately.

Harvester Tactical Rifle


hcr custom rifles

Our Harvester Tactical combines the best factory barreled actions with the finest synthetic tactical stocks available. We start with a Remington 700 BDL action and Remington heavy contour barrel. Every action goes through our rigorous 22 point inspection process. Every barrel is inspected to insure proper head space, chamber concentricity, and bore quality before we will use it. Once the action and barrel pass our thorough inspection, we fully Accurize the rifle into your choice of McMillan M40-Al, A3,or stock. The Accurizing process includes aluminum pillar and glass bedded receiver and floorplate, professionally tuned factory trigger, proper mounting of scope, and sight in. We also make sure that the rifle feeds, extracts, and ejects flawlessly.  We will cut the barrel to 22" with our recessed target crown.  All metal is coated in a tough, rust-proof Cerakote finish.


Standard features include:

Remington 700 action and 22" 1:12 twist barrel

McMillan Tactical M40-A1 A3, A5, or Precision Stock Works Rifleman stock

HCR Accurizing

Tough, rust-proof, Cerakote finish on all metal

Barrel break-in

Caliber choices: 223 Remington, 308 Winchester

1/2 MOA three-shot group guarnatee with factory match ammunition

Optional features:

Badger Ordnance M5 Trigger Guard and AI Magazine $350

Precision Stock Works Rifleman Stock:  $100

PTG Tactical Bolt Knob:  $175

Timney Trigger:  $225

Jewell Trigger:  $325

1:10 Twist, 20" barrel, threaded 5/8X24 with thread cap:  add $100

Our accuracy is not only guaranteed, it is verified. Every aspect of your rifles performance will be tested and proven. We will shoot the rifle from a bag rest to test and verify proper feeding, extraction, ejection and accuracy. You will receive the final targets and ammunition.

Scope and Mounts sold separately.

Long Range Extreme Tactical Rifle


hcr custom rifles

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This rifle is available in 375 Cheytac and 408 Cheytac.  We have successfully hit a 36" target from a distance of over 2 miles with the 375 Cheytac.  That is what we mean by "Long Range Extreme".  Our 338 Lapua owns territory out to one mile.  The Long Range Extreme takes over from there.  The rifle is built on a Stiller Precision 1.450" action and features a one-piece machined bolt, M-16 style extractor, and perfect tolerances throughout.  We chamber and fit a match grade barrel, in a heavy contour and 28" to 30" length.  A prone position muzzle brake is standard and felt recoil is very reasonable.  The rifle is fully Accurized, with aluminum pillar and glass bedded action, into a McMillan A-5 Super Magnum stock in sniper fill, with adjustable comb.  A Jewell trigger is also standard equipment.  Rifle weight is 18 pounds without scope.  Scope, mounts and bipod sold separately.  Stock shown is in our custom painted Cerakote finish which adds $350 to cost.  For standard stock finishes see www.mcmillanusa.com.

Available in Right hand and Left Hand, as repeater or single shot.

If we are shipping the completed rifle to your dealer, please add $495 for a rugged, steel Kalispel case that is made for these rifle dimensions.

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